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Slides, photos, film, negatives, hard drives, USB drives, video, audio, CD, DVD, we save it and transfer it all including duplication and we do it with care and precision.

Why DiJiFi?

We love what we do, and it shows. We have deep expertise in dealing with digital replication, recovery and duplication of video, audio, photos, DVD/CD, hard drives. Ask us how we can help!

DiJiFi is ranked by Yelp and Google as one of the best places in the country to digitize and edit photos, film, video and audio.

Our Values

  • Trust

    When you talk to someone about your personal memories and get honest responses, not just what you want to hear, that builds trust.

  • Thoroughness

    When a process involves humans, there can be mistakes. Our procedural system and culture of responsibility renders them harmless.

  • Communication

    Throughout the process of digitizing your media, we'll be in touch to communicate small things that might effect expectations.

  • Quality

    Using the best equipment helps, but we also don't settle for 'good enough'. We'll often transfer the same item multiple times for better results.

I don't use words like "stunning" often, but that's what the DiJiFi scans are. Most are as good or better than the original slides. It's tempting to say I'm speechless with pleasure, except...well the words I'm putting down here indicate otherwise.
Michael R. - Yelp

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