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New York City's Trusted Digitization Service
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A calibrated audio transfer New York hears.

Cassette to CD

    We Transfer:
  • - Audio Cassette
  • - Vinyl Record, LP
  • - Reel-to-Reel
  • - DAT

Vinyl to CD

    Transfer Includes:
  • Raw Service:
  • - Uncompressed Capture
  • Direct Service adds:
  • - Volume Normalization
  • - Exact Trimming
  • - Quick Label
  • Complete Service adds:
  • - Noise Reduction
  • - Full Label

Output to Digital Files

    Output Options:
  • - Audio CD
  • - MP3 to CD/DVD
  • - Hard Drive
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What we transfer

We transfer most types of consumer audio including cassette tapes, microcassettes, DAT tapes, vinyl records, and reel-to-reel audio on 1/4" reels.

How we transfer

We use high-end audio equipment which is continually calibrated for optimal sound quality. Once we have established the optimal settings for your analog audio, it is then played back through a digital converter to a high-quality digital file. This file is then run through digital filters to help clean up any unwanted audio noise or crackle.

What you get

Once we have an acceptable digital version of your original audio, with any blank or indiscernible sections removed, it is then burned to an audio CD with separate tracks for each tape, record, or reel transferred.


Besides outputting your audio to CD, we can give you data files of your audio in the myriad formats in which it is available, the most popular of which are WAV or MP3. For customers with very specific needs, we can almost always accomodate.


Each cassette or record is billed $14 for one side and $20 for two sides. Reel-to-reel audio is billed according to reel size below, ranging from $18 for 3-5" reels and up to $30 for 10" reels. Output to audio CD or any other media is a separate cost, listed in the table below. For estimating your total price please see our order form.
Pickup and Delivery in NYC!

For details about different levels of service click here.

Service Level:
Audio Tape or Vinyl Record - 1 Side
Audio Tape or Vinyl Record - 2 Sides
3-5" Audio Reel
7" Audio Reel
10" Audio Reel

Transfer Prices Do Not Include Output, Which is Below

Audio CD, Data CD/DVD - Lasts 25+ Years
Gold Audio CD, Gold Data CD/DVD - Lasts 100+ Years
Data Files to Hard Drive (One-Time Fee)