What we did

Photographer’s select slides scanned to TIFF with Complete service.

A couple thousand slides, some Kodachrome, meticulously organized, are fading away in tin boxes. The slides are in great shape, but important enough not to risk losing the image so must be scanned in their exact order, kept exactly as they are when returned to the tin boxes, and scanned to an archival quality with full processing.

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We have only amazing clients, but there are a small handful (usually amateur or pro photographers) whose images simply blow our minds.

Our Process

We very carefully opened each tin briefcase to review the organization. These were not the kind with an individual slot for each slide so any shaking or dropping would potentially throw the slides around and ruin the order of the stacks! Only one technician was assigned to the scanning to be sure the organization was understood and that two different interpretations were being applied to how they were stacked.

The slides were scanned to TIFF, at about 54 MB per file after processing (uncropped files are typically about 65-70 MB at Full resolution). They came out so well that some of them simply needed no correction. Though credit is due to Michael for their quality, he proclaimed:

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