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Software Installation
Hardware Upgrading
Computer Builds
Operating System Upgrades
Virus Removal
Data & Hard Drive Recovery
Hackintosh build
Network Services


Supported Operating Systems

We also fix typical computer & network errors…

  • Virus Removal
    Virus Removal

    Viruses, malware, trojans, rootkits

  • Bad Hard Drive
    Bad Hard Drive

    Clicking HD, PC Not Booting

  • Dual Booting, Clover EFI etc.
    Dual Booting, Clover EFI etc.

    Installations and Troubleshooting

  • OS X
    OS X

    Hardware, software, glitches

  • Slow PC
    Slow PC

    Runs slower than normal

  • Upgrades

    RAM, Hard Drive SSD, Operating system

  • Won’t Start
    Won’t Start

    No power, Windows boot issue

  • Blue Screen
    Blue Screen

    Blue Screen Error Message

  • E-mail & Internet
    E-mail & Internet

    Can’t email, No Internet access

  • PC Tune-up
    PC Tune-up

    Quicken speed, Increase space

  • Runs Loud & Noisy
    Runs Loud & Noisy

    Loud drive, noisy fan

  • Shuts Off / Overheats
    Shuts Off / Overheats

    Turns off, bad fan, hot

  • Set Up New PC
    Set Up New PC

    Hassle-free setup, file transfer

  • Windows Issues
    Windows Issues

    Slow, start-up, software issues

  • Virtual Machine Setup
    Virtual Machine Setup

    Windows on Mac, Virtualization

  • Hackintosh & JailBreaking
    Hackintosh & JailBreaking

    Building, Installations, and Setup

  • Data Transfers
    Data Transfers

    Zip Disk to USB, HD to SSD etc

  • Linux & Android Rooting
    Linux & Android Rooting

    Post Errors, Kernel Repair, Installation of Custom Firmware

Computer Data Recovery and Transfers

Your might need to transfer your files from one computer to another. Or your computer might fail due to a number of reasons. Don’t worry, our data recovery technicians will be able to recovery your files. Learn More >>

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