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Do you want enough detail for most uses or every bit of detail possible captured from your media?
Photo Scanning
➡ Choose Service Level:     Raw Direct Complete
Photo Prints up to 5 x 7
Standard: Full:
Photo Prints up to 8 x 10
Standard: Full:
Photo Prints up to 11 x 14
Standard: Full:
Standard Slide (35mm, 110, 126)
Standard: Full:
35mm Negative (per Frame)
Standard: Full:
Large Negatives & Transparencies
Medium Format
Standard: Full:
Large Format
Standard: Full:
Non-Standard Images
Extra Large Photos up to 14 x 20
110 / 126 or APS Negative (per Frame)
Super Slide (2" x 2" Frame)
Image Restoration (per Hour)
Select Frames from Negative Strip
TIFF Files
➡ For Digital Files    
Standard Printing
Prints Up To 4 x 6
Matte Paper : Glossy Paper :
Prints Up To 5 x 7
Matte Paper : Glossy Paper :
Prints Up To 8 x 10
Matte Paper : Glossy Paper :
Prints Up To 11 x 14
Matte Paper : Glossy Paper :
Prints Up To 13 x 19
Matte Paper : Glossy Paper :
Film Transfer
➡ Choose Service Level:     Direct Complete
1 Foot of 8mm or 16mm Film
Sound Film Transfer (per Foot): 
TIFF Sequence
Downconvert HD Capture to SD
NOTE ON FILM LENGTHS: We only bill for actual recorded lengths, and do not charge for blank media.
Video Transfer
➡ Choose Service Level:     Complete
VHS / VHS-C / S-VHS / Betamax / Hi8 / Video 8 / Digital 8 / MiniDV / MicroMV Tapes
Up to 30 minutes
Up to 1 Hour
Up to 2 Hours
3/4" U-Matic / Betacam / Betacam SP / DVCam / DVCPRO / DigiBeta Tapes
Up to 30 minutes
Up to 1 Hour
Up to 2 Hours
Basic Transfer for VHS or VHS-C ONLY
VHS (or VHS-C) Direct to DVD (includes DVD)
DVD / MiniDVD / Bluray to Mp4
1 to 5 DVDs
6 to 15 DVDs
16 to 50 DVDs
51 to 100 DVDs
More than 100 DVDs
Output - Video Format:
.MOV (Quicktime Video File Format) for Mac OS
.AVI (Video File Format) for Windows PC
NOTE ON OUTPUT: "Our standard output format is MP4. Please indicate above whether your prefer .AVI Video Format for Windows PC or .MOV Video Format for Mac OS"
Data Drives, Disks, and Cards
Floppy Disk Transfer
Zip Drive Transfer
SD Card Transfer
Video Tape Repair
Video Editing (per Hour)
Capture to both DVD and Editable Files (per Tape)
Additional Hour of Transfer Beyond 2 Hours
HDV Transfer to HD File (per Tape)
Custom Video File Naming (per File)
NOTE ON VIDEO/AUDIO LENGTHS: We bill for actual recorded lengths (not for static, unwanted footage, etc.), but there is a $5 charge for blank tapes.
Audio Transfer
➡ Choose Service Level:     Raw Direct Complete
Audio Cassette / Vinyl Record
1 Side Recorded
2 Sides Recorded
1/4" Audio Reel
3-5 Inches
7 Inches
10 Inches
CD to Wav, Aiff, Flac, Mp3
1 to 5 CDs
6 to 15 CDs
16 to 50 CDs
51 to 100 CDs
More than 100 CDs
Output - Audio Format:
.Wav (Waveform Audio File Format)
.Aiff (Audio Interchange File Format)
.Flac(Free Lossless Audio Codec)
.MP3 (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III)
IMPORTANT INFO: The cost for each media is for the scan or transfer to a digital file on our system only. It does not include the cost to output the digital media to discs or to a drive, which is in the 'Output' section below. In general, a CD will hold 300-600 images as a data disc and 1 hour of audio as an audio disc. A DVD will hold up to a few thousand images as a data disc, and 2 hours of video as a standard DVD video. You can consolidate shorter videos together on one DVD so long as it doesn't exceed 2 hours by more than a few minutes. For the option to output files on a hard drive, plan on 15 GB per hour of SD footage and 40-60 GB per hour of HD footage. We provide a lot of options and it can be intimidating, so again, call or write with questions!
CD - (Holds 700 MB Data or 1 Hour Audio)
Silver (Lasts 30+ Years) : Gold (Lasts 100+ Years):
DVD - (Holds 4,000 MB Data or 2 Hours SD Video)
Silver (Lasts 30+ Years) : Gold (Lasts 100+ Years):
Blu-Ray - (Holds 25,000 MB or 10 Hours SD Video, 2 Hours HD Video)
Hard Drive:
Provided: Purchase: None:
# of Drives Provided
Included: Will Bring :
8GB Slow Thumb Drive (Good for Photo & Audio)
16GB Slow Thumb Drive (Good for Photo & Audio)
32GB Slow Thumb Drive (Good for Photo & Audio)
32GB Fast Thumb Drive (Best for Film & Video)
64GB Fast Thumb Drive (Best for Film & Video)
128GB Fast Thumb Drive (Best for Film & Video)
500GB Fast Wallet Drive (Best for Film & Video)
1000GB Fast Wallet Drive (Best for Film & Video)
2000GB Fast Wallet Drive (Best for Film & Video)
Upload to DiJiFi FTP and Email Link (up to 1 GB)
Questions and Alerts
Should documents found within photos be scanned (letters, postcards, etc.)? Yes No
Please indicate if slides labeled as Kodachrome can be separated from non-Kodachrome (changing the order): Yes No
When selecting specific frames from a negative strip, please write down frame numbers or mark the strip to show which frames to scan!
Are your images organized into groups? Yes No If yes, please describe in comments.
When putting photos back in albums or slides back in boxes/magazines, can we fill any previously empty spaces? Yes No
Our standard sound transfer is an efficient process which happens simultaneously with the slower film frame transfer. This causes the quality to degrade slightly, but the audio is typically of an acceptable quality. If you need a separate, full-quality transfer, the cost is $0.25 per foot and you must indicate this clearly in the comments to get the full-quality transfer.
When transferring video tapes to DVD, can we combine shorter tapes together on one DVD (which holds 2 hours) to save cost? Yes No
You have selected two different resolutions, Standard and Full, for different formats being scanned Confirm
Sub Total:
Grand Total:
NOTE ON DISC/FILE LABELS: Further below you can indicate whether you prefer anything specific for the text on your CD/DVD labels, typically up to 60 characters. Standard labels would include last names plus general descriptions, such as "Smith Family Films". You can also indicate the preferred methods of naming data files as well.

Contact Info

First Name:
Last Name:
Alternate Email:
Phone Number:
Alternate Phone Number:
Preferred OS: Apple / Mac: Windows PC:
Delivery Method: Pickup & Delivery: Shipping: In Person:
Our pickup and delivery service is $40 or free for orders at or over $250 (pre-tax) and takes place on Tuesday and Friday between 1-6. Click here for available areas. Please indicate your preferred day out of these two, and any details about how best to pickup your order. We will contact you to confirm the pickup date and time, and any related details. Please note that we use a vehicle and cannot park, so the package will need to be brought to street level or left with a desk or doorman. Our staff member can call you when getting close.
Label to be printed on CD/DVD(s)(if applicable):
Comments to DiJiFi:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Pickup Type: With Doorman
Call to Bring to Street Level
We do not take payment information until you drop off an order, or for shipping/delivery orders, not until we receive the materials in our studio. Once we receive the materials, we will contact you for payment information before we begin processing the order, but nothing will be charged until the order is complete.
For orders over $500, we will charge a 30% deposit before beginning the order, which will be applied to the final total once the order is complete.