Terms and Conditions

  • When you accept our estimates or send your order to us to process, you accept the terms of our services as outlined.
    *All client material is not insured for value but is only covered for cost of replacement of the material. Insuring value will require special coverage to be obtained and you must request such insurance based on appraisal value that client must provide in order to seek insurance. Dijifi will not accept receipt of an order where client wishes to have insurance on appraised value until such appraisal is completed by a third party appraiser.
  • The estimate is not an actual order and is not meant in any way to be binding to any party. Our estimate system is only meant to assist you with our services and does not indicate our acceptance of such estimate.
  • You will not use the estimate calculation to compete against us for services.
  • Your estimate is not stored in our systems, Dijifi does not retain any estimates and your estimate is not transmitted to us until you convert the estimate to an Order Request and the Order Request is submitted.
  • Order Request must generate an order number in order for us to track your order request. Dijifi uses the order request to prepare an Order Estimate through our systems.
  • Dijifi is not responsible for errors of any kind arising as a result of incorrect estimate or Order Request generated by you.
  • An Order Estimate sent to you based on the Order Request and associated contact information you provide to us is an estimate based on the information provided by you. The Order Estimate maybe different than the actual results of our work and can not be relied upon as it is only an estimate and may change depending on the material on our possession.
  • An Order Estimate indicates we have your order and unless you state otherwise, we will process the Order in accordance with the Order Estimate. We are not obligated to make changes or to abide by our Order Estimates after we have started the work for you.
  • When you provide us with your email, address and phone number, we retain such information to process estimates and also provide you with order and invoicing information and communications related to your inquiries and orders. We retain email, phone number and address information in order for us to communicate with you and send you material including any updates related to our services and follow up on your inquiries and orders. We do not share such information with any party outside of Dijifi and its affiliates. If we do not have accurate contact information, we are not responsible for any missed communications or errors related to deliveries and updates.
  • When you ask Dijifi for an estimate, you agree to the terms of our services as outlined in our terms and conditions in exchange for the estimate we provide to you. As such, all the terms and conditions of our services apply to any Dijifi estimtaes and orders
  • The company allows credit card payments for convenience purposes. The costs associated with this service is charged to customer at a rate of 3% to cover the costs.

    By Agreeing to our estimate to carry out services for you ("Client"), you the Client hereby represents to DiJiFi Life Inc. ("Company") that you are aware and agree to following as a condition of the services provided by Company that.

    1. Due to the inevitable and natural degradation of photographic paper, video tape, audio tape, DVD or CD and film ("Material") that Client wants and desires to preserve and protect the 'Materials' provided in an electronic format stored on an digital storage media for archival purposes and not for duplication or sale unless Client has copyright or resale rights to the Material.

    2. Materials contained and transferred by Company to such digital storage media will not be reprinted, published, duplicated or disseminated in any way unless they have permissions to do so.

    3. Furthermore, Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Company and its employees from any third party claims or issues which may arise from Client's unauthorized use of the digitized material in any format or form or from Company carrying out the services to digitize Materials for Client.

    All completed orders are as is based on estimate sheets we provide you and payment is required upon completion. We capture to the standards specified on the estimate sheet. We do not customize unless you request in advance. We store digital data on the cloud using 3rd party and you accept that this is fine. We provide you with access to that data for 30 days after completion so you may be able to continue to do the back up on your own through the 3rd party. Please review our estimates for accuracy of your order in order for us to complete the order in line with your expectations. We are not responsible for lost files or media during transportation by third parties. We are not responsible for files or contents on hard drives provided by you to us for use in storing your conversions. By accepting our estimates either by approving or making any payment, you accept terms of our services.