Data Storage & Backup

There are so many options for storing your data out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming. We have a good grasp on which methods make sense for your particular situation - whether it be DVDs, M-Disks, hard drives, online cloud storage, or something else. We can help you find the best way to store your digitized files so that you'll never have to worry about losing your precious memories. We carry a variety of data storage options that will make accessing your digitized files simple, fast, and secure for the long run.

  • Hard Drives & Flash Drives

    You can either bring in your own hard drive or purchase one of ours. We have a selection of trusted, reliable drives with different storage capabilities and connections (USB2, USB3). From 8GB thumb drives to 2 TB wallet drives, we can cover whatever needs you may have.

  • Discs

    Discs may seem like a thing of the past to some, but they still serve an important purpose in the current & future world of data storage. Besides being able to play a DVD or Blu-Ray on your home television, discs can also be a reliable and trustworthy to store data over a long period of time, especially with something like an M-Disk, which is rated to last over 1000 years (assuming the earth is still around then). You may be surprised to learn that huge companies like Facebook or Google actually store most of their data on discs and optical drives, for their benefits of cost and long-term reliability. We provide various options for our customers in terms of size and type of disc.

We can convert your DVDs or CDs to digital files, or we can go the other way - burning data onto long-lasting discs

Over the years you may have accumulated a variety of different digital media - data CDs with old photos, DVDs with important work presentations, old floppy disks with high school book reports, and so on. We can help consolidate and archive all of these different types of media, bringing a consistent quality to the organization and security of your digital files. We are able to read a wide variety of digital media, and can backup / archive it to whatever media works best for you (hard drives, discs, or something else).

Disc & Drive Duplication

DiJiFi can duplicate your DVDs or CDs, creating as many copies as you need to backup or share your data. We offer high-speed duplication onto a variety of discs (standard or archival).

The best option for ensuring the long term safety of your data is to make a new copy of the same data regularly. We can burn new copies and make duplicate data copies for you. You can send us your old discs and we can burn new copies or transfer to new hard drives for you.

Distributing Your Content Over The Internet

Once your media has been digitized, we can help you distribute it to various online platforms so that you can share it with clients, family and friends depending on your needs and purpose. We can help optimize your content to the right specifications so that it can be uploaded easily to platforms such as:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Data Management Collaborations

    We also work closely with The History Project to help families create historical and geographical timelines. If you would like to read more about those projects, visit