Digitize once, digitize well

Blurring the Lines


Blurring the Lines Between Digital and Media

There is a blurring of the lines between technology and media as most things are just becoming digital and you need to be able to utilize software and new technologies to be able to enjoy, preserve and share your media safely and securely. There is no more separation between the music on a cassette or LP, the LP player and the song itself. The medium is the technology and the message itself. This brings a great deal of challenges to the older generation and makes the newer generation less sensitive to history and the past as it all seems just part of the larger messaging and media onslaught that is taking over. You need to be tech and media savvy as a result. But we here at DiJiFi are able and willing to help you navigate the technology that will help bring us all together with our shared pasts and our bright futures.