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Compliance Practices

Religious Compliant Scanning

DiJiFi recognizes that there are many clients that require their media to be handled in a very specific fashion whether that be for religious or cultural reasons.  As a result, at no extra charge,  we can for example scan your materials using our female only technicians. This service provides that only DiJiFi's female professionals would handle and see the images on the media. 

We have done work for individuals and institutions based in the both the United States and the Middle East.  As a result we are familiar with the various cultural and religious requirements that stipulate who can and can not handle and see images. We have the utmost respect for these requirements and observe them as requested with complete and constant discipline. 

If you are interested in finding out more about this service or would like to place an order please call us at 646-519-2447, email us at info@dijifi.com or submit an inquiry via our website. Our professionals will respond to you immediately.