Digitize once, digitize well

Computing Technology


Computing Technology, Internet and Storage

As media formats and standards evolved overtime, the cost of digital has become significantly more affordable. As this occurred the quality and options for digital capture has increased proportionally. This has given our clients lots of options for capture and storage. This has also allowed us to capture old media to higher quality standards. However, while the result of the digital revolution has been lower cost storage and internet, there has been a significant increase in the size of digital files as we have evolved from 480p (TV quality) to 720p (DVD / SD quality) to 1080p (Blue ray) and now 2k and 4k.

The size of digital files as we have been able to capture in higher and higher quality video, audio and photo has meant even larger need for storage and bandwidth. At this point, as DVD has become old technology and is being phased out, there are many options for current clients versus in the past. Clients who converted in the past are now converting again as digital evolution means newer formats.