Digitize once, digitize well

Micro film/fiche

Micro film/fiche

It's time to leave your Microfiche and Microfilm in the twentieth century.

Consider converting your microfiche and film with DiJiFi

The benefits include:

  • Eliminate the need for clunky old readers that take up space and are expensive to repair

  • Preserve your information through conversion to digital files. Most microfiche and microfilm is aged and deteriorating. Protect your information from further deterioration, destruction, misplacement and loss;

  • Our state of the art equipment is the only one in the micro-graphic industry to utilize pixel-shifting technology which provides the best and clearest images

  • Our machines have integrated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) using the top rated ABBYY fine reader OCR engine which allows for the creation of word-searchable documents

  • Converting your microfiche and microfilm into digital files allows you to view your files from any computer, laptop or mobile device;

  • Save time and money by significantly reducing retrieval times and eliminating or reducing the cost of storing your microfilm and fiche

“DiJiFi was great. They came to pick up my old tape (which means a great deal to me) and did a smooth and quick turnaround, returning it to me along with a digitized version in a few days. Quality was great. And I liked that when I phoned them in the middle of it all, they knew who I was. I wasn’t just a number. Thx DiJiFi! ” L. Castleman - Trustpilot

We do all of our scanning in our Brooklyn Studio:

There are not that many services available that provide microfiche and microfilm scanning. As a result it is fairly common for many competitors to ship your fiche and film to larger conversion services out of state and sometimes out of the country.  We do all of our work in our state of the art, secure Brooklyn studio.