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Paper documents

Paper documents

DiJiFi has been expertly converting analog media into digital files for a dozen years.

Our paper document scanning department provides significant benefits to our clients by:

  • Assisting them in saving money- paper documents are very expensive to store;

  • Increasing efficiency- paper is prone to getting lost, destroyed or mis-filed;

  • Increasing team communication- digital files can be made accessible to your team at their desks, laptops and mobile devices;

  • Increasing security- we can transfer your files to the cloud or make multiple copies on hard drives and flash drives

Let us help you become more efficient, facilitate your compliance requirements and assist you in saving time and money.

Industries Served


Federal Government
Human Resources

Legal, Media
State and Local Government


Benefits of Scanning Paper Documents

With the increasing prominence of the cloud, there is no doubt that document storage is moving in that direction.  Please consider the following:

  • Expense savings:  Maintaining paper documents in storage is expensive. Think about the costs you will save by not having to deal with all that extra real estate;

  • Long term security: paper documents deteriorate over time, can be lost and mis-filed. Consider the benefits of converting your paper into digital files which can be password protected and securely stored in the cloud;

  • Increase your staff's productivity by making digital files accessible through a few keystrokes from their desk. Your personnel, whether they are on another floor, or in another state or country can all easily access your information and they will save time searching from their office as compared to chasing down paper files;

  • Handle compliance audits, reviews and questions with greater ease. Digital files can be organized, indexed and searched through OCR (Optical Character Recognition).  We can create files for you that are OCR enabled;

  • Help the Environment:  At DiJiFi we are doing our part to benefit the environment. We encourage our customers to do the same. Document scanning will significantly reduce your business' reliance on paper (and reduce your stationary expenses as well!)

“This company responded immediately, worked quickly and excellently and was completely up front with all the work, charges, and I'm totally satisfied. And this was long distance from Maryland to New York!” B Dickson - Trustpilot