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Video Services

Video Transfer

Transfer your old videos to digital and receive a drive or discs, digitally archived for the devices we use every day. We convert all types of video formats to digital in the form you want and at the prices you need.


What We Transfer

VHS, Hi8, MiniDV, Beta, MiniDVDs, and all the rest. We will digitize them once, the right way, so you never have to do it again. We capture uncompressed DV-25 codec - AVI files and MOV files and can compress/convert them to H.264, MPEG, and other formats upon request. We can upload them to the cloud or to your server or copy to them disc or hard drive. We can tag them and organize them as you wish and back them up. It's that simple.




VHS, along with Betamax, is the original and most popular consumer video tape format.



MiniDV is the last consumer tape format, supporting SD.



MiniDVD is a DVD disc which is 3.15 inches in diameter. MiniDVDs must be "finalized" in the original camera they were recorded on for us to be able to transfer them.

Video8 / Hi8 / Digital8


8mm video tape brought smaller size and the same or better quality as VHS formats.



MicroMV was a proprietary videotape format introduced in October 2001 by Sony. MicroMV is the smallest videotape format.



DVD ( "digital versatile disc" or "digital video disc") is a digital optical disc storage format. We can convert DVDs to digital files for use on hard drives or cloud storage.

Laser Disc


LaserDisc (LD) is a home video format and the first commercial optical disc storage medium, initially licensed, sold, and marketed as MCA DiscoVision.





U-matic is a recording videocassette format first introduced to the market in September 1971 by Sony. It was among the first video formats to contain the videotape inside a cassette.



DVCAM is a variation of the DV format developed by Sony and aimed at the semi-professional and lower-end professional market.



Digital Betacam, AKA DigiBeta or D-Beta, was introduced by Sony in 1993 as a replacement for the analog Betacam SP format.



Betamax, also called Beta is a consumer-level analog video cassette magnetic tape recording format developed by Sony.

Betacam / Betacam SP


Betacam is a family of half-inch professional videocassette products developed by Sony in 1982.



DVCPRO is a format developed by Panasonic. It is a variation of the DV format, aimed at the professional market.



HDCAM, introduced in 1997, is a high-definition video digital recording videocassette version of digital Betacam.


There is no determinable difference between a SD and a HD version of a Mini-DV

There is no determinable difference between a SD and a HD version of a Mini-DV

HDV is a format for recording of high-definition video on DV cassette tape.

NTSC and PAL Output

Our standard output is NTSC 720×480 (4:3) and PAL 720×540 (4:3) aspect ratio, we can output 16:9 but the file will need to be reprocessed unless captured from HDV.

Rare and Professional Formats

We can transfer many other types of video formats as well, please contact us for details about formats that are not listed on this page.

Professional formats such as U-Matic, Betacam/Betacam SP, DVCAM and DVCPro are priced separately.

“Highly Recommend! I used Dijifi to make some loopable DVDs with video content on them for a project at work. These guys were straightforward, efficient and convenient. Took the stress out of doing it myself. About 4-5 business days to complete the project. Will use again!” -Jamie Trustpilot

Why We're The Best

There are many different ways to digitize video. The trick is to find that sweet spot between a big, expensive process and a cheaper process that sacrifices on quality. Simply put, we did our homework.

Top of The Class

We’ve done the comparisons and have mastered a system that produces the best looking images possible in this price range, and back it up with great service. Our system and staff ensure every request is met and communication is made with honesty and respect. Our culture is to focus on the relationship with the client as much as the digitization process itself. Just ask the internet!

Service Options

We transfer your videos from the exact start and end - no static, just the footage you want to see. We are also able to cut out TV or commercial content upon request, so you receive exactly want you want. We can custom split video content to separate digital files as well for an additional cost, so please contact us for details on editing requests and custom file naming.

Digital Output

Our standard output for digital files are MP4. Digital videos are output to an external USB drive as data, and/or as DVD or Blu-Ray discs. All files are backed up on our servers for 14 days.

File Types

Our standard service includes creating a MP4 file, suitable for editing/viewing or sharing easily over the internet. For an additional fee we can output to the video file of your choice.

Output Types

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray (Data or Video)

As data files for a computer or video DVD/Blu-Ray for set-top players.


A small thumb-sized or wallet-sized drive for portable digital storage and transfer of your data.