Digitize once, digitize well

Video Audio Film Photo

Video, Audio, Film and Photo of the Past

Old media was stored on paper, film or tape and could not be shared or copied easily. It was static and local. It was difficult to move and expensive to store. There were thousands of formats from 8mm, Super 8mm, 35 mm, VHS, Beta, U-matic helical, reel to reel, cassette, four track, eight track, prints, slides, negatives, Mini-DV, HDV, Betamax, LP and on and on…

Many video tape standards and even film standards varied by nationality and country of origin and so different players could not play all the different types. There were even high definition and low definition and of varying qualities each generating different quality of images and sounds. This is all gone in the new digital era as major differences are only based on operating standards and codec differences which can easily be bridged if you are technically savvy.