Humble Beginnings.

Like many stories, it starts in Manhattan and grows nation wide. We provide digitization services now across the U.S., internationally as well as NYC. We have served to digitize and archive photo, video, film and slides for New York City Fire Department, United Nations, Brooklyn Historical Society, Kabbalah, Asia Art Archives, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Sotheby's, NBC, HBO, Intrepid Museum, 76'rs, Tibetan House, Catholic Church Archives, many famous artists who we cant name due to confidentiality agreements & Many More.

DiJiFi was born in a one-bedroom apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, and quickly grew a large enough customer base to move to a large production facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since then, we’ve grown even further, expanding into editing services, video and audio production, data recovery and digital recovery and through our journey we have digitized important archives like the entire photographic history of the United Nations and Asia Art Archive as well as many more. We provide services to consumers, businesses and organizations alike. And it all starts with knowing where and who we are.

We have expanded our services!

Using our expertise in solving digital problems, we have expanded to include services related to technology services including digital recovery which means recovering hard drives, fixing systems and preserving digital data in many formats.

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Our Brooklyn Studio

Part of the Brooklyn brand.

Our studio has grown over the years. In these walls we have transferred over 5,000,000 feet of film, over 3,000,000 photos, and over 400,000 hours of video and audio recordings. And we’re in Brooklyn, which has reinvented itself as the place where old is made new again. In this place, there’s no shortage of people who are passionate about preserving the past. And we’ve built a team of people who do exactly that for our clients every day.

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Our Exceptional Values

Build trust, in ourselves and from our clients. We want to respond to your needs as best as we can and when we can.

Digitize once, digitize well.

This is our silent chant. Every day we work knowing that these memories will only be digitized once, and we have been trusted to do it well. As you will find around our site, there are many intricacies to the work we do and we will often transfer media twice to be sure we are getting the best result. If a film transfers with a small hair in the corner we notice, and mark it for re-transfer, knowing this could be done better. ‘Good enough’ is simply not.

You can trust us, just ask the Internet.

We operate with 15 full time staff, and there exists in our management and our culture a strong sense of ownership and responsibility to the client and to ourselves. Clients have responded by giving us the strongest reputation online with more reviews than companies many times our size. This motivates us.

These films were very significant to me and I was concerned about handing them over...the staff was lovely and put me at ease.
Lari F. - Google Reviews

Long live communication.

When you call you can speak with someone who actually works here and can answer every question. You can write and get a detailed response that doesn’t just gloss over the smaller parts of your question. You can walk in and we’ll go over your order in person, or we’ll pickup and deliver if you’re in Manhattan and Brooklyn and Queens. We serve anyone, anywhere via shipping, with orders of any size.