Basic Services

  • Preliminary Diagnostics
    Preliminary Diagnostics

    $0 - $25 diagnostic fee. Really, it depends on the complexity of the problem. Usually this fee is waived and you get a free diagnostic from the technician.

  • Simple Problems or Network Issues
    Simple Problems or Network Issues

    Computer Not Booting, Windows and Mac OS X Errors, Software Crashes, Driver Problems, etc. Everyday computing problems that cause you to lose use of your device. Rates are typically $75 - $100

  • Password Recovery
    Password Recovery

    Lost or forgot the password to you Windows PC or Mac? Not a problem, we can help you. Flat password recovery fee of $85

  • Software Installation
    Software Installation

    Need help installing software (Non OS) on your PC or Mac? Typically this is easy, but sometimes can become complex. Let us help you! Flat Fee of $50. Ask about about remote desktop assistance.

System Fixes, Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal

  • Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit Removal
    Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit Removal

    Professional remove harmful computer viruses and spyware. Regain your privacy and protect your information / data from hackers. Standard removal will cost you $125.

  • Factory Installation of Operating System
    Factory Installation of Operating System

    Need your Windows or Mac PC (including driver installation), or Mobile Device restored to factory specifications. Person Computer pricing start at $150; Mobile Devices start at $75.

  • Factory Restoration and Backup of Contents
    Factory Restoration and Backup of Contents

    We will factory restore the operating system on your PC or Device, and backup the contents (files, images, videos, etc) onto a DVD, Flash Drive, External HD. Prices start at $175 to $450

  • Computer Tune Up
    Computer Tune Up

    PC or Mac running slow? Programs take forever to open? Have your computer sped up. Pricing starts from $75 to $150.

  • Missing DLL? Blue Screen, Black Screen?
    Missing DLL? Blue Screen, Black Screen?

    System showing the BSOD Blue Screen of Death? Or a Black Screen or White Screen with no output. A system error has occurred and we can help you fix it; Rates start at $75.

  • Mysterious Mac PC Flashing Question Mark (?)
    Mysterious Mac PC Flashing Question Mark (?)

    How do I fix the dreaded Mac OS question mark? This is usually due to the OS being unable to find the boot directory. We can fix this for you. Rates start at $85

Data Transfers, Recovery and Encryption

  • Data Transfer
    Data Transfer

    Need data transferred. For example from Floppy to Flash Drive, Zip Disk to HD, HD to SSD? Your data is important and we can help you. Rates start from $25/hr to $150/hr.

  • File Recovery
    File Recovery

    Accidentally deleted your files on your flash drive or hard drive? Does your hard drive have bad sectors and corrupted. We can help! Prices start at $125. No recovery, No Charge!

  • Secure File Erase
    Secure File Erase

    We can professional purge or erase your sensitive data for you. In this effect, it will be unrecoverable by hackers or other individuals for miscellaneous uses. Starting at $50/hr.

  • Data Encryption
    Data Encryption

    Need the data on your hard drive, flash drive, etc. Encrypted? Safe from unauthorized access? Let us help you. We can setup encryption on your device. Prices start at $55/hr

Hardware Upgrades, Repairs and Custom Computer Builds (Hardware or Software)

  • Hard Drive or Memory (PC Upgrades)
    Hard Drive or Memory (PC Upgrades)

    Need your Video or Sound Card, HD or Memory Module Replace or Upgraded? Leave it to us, we will help you out. Rates start at $75.

  • Hackintosh PC Build and Setup
    Hackintosh PC Build and Setup

    Let us build your Hackintosh PC for you. All device kext loaded, Full Mac features and high compatibility. Rates start at $175

  • Dual Boot OS Setup
    Dual Boot OS Setup

    Need Mac OS X, Windows, Linux on a Single Computer. We can setup and install the requested OS on your computer for you. Rates start at $125.

  • Custom PC Builds
    Custom PC Builds

    Need a custom PC built? Gamer, YouTuber, Image/Video Editing, VM-Waring. We can build a PC for you. Rates start at $175

Cellphones, Tables, TV Boxes, (iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire, etc)

  • Android Device Rooting
    Android Device Rooting

    Get your android device rooted! We have the expertise to root your device for you; and help you load customer recovery and firmware; including xposed framework. Flat Fee of $50

  • Jailbreak

    Get your Apple Device Jailbroken. We can install the most recent jailbreak for your device, which is highly beneficial in order to customize your IOS. Flat Fee of $50

  • Android TV Boxes Program
    Android TV Boxes Program

    Have your Android TV boxes programmed with full TV Channels, Kodi, Showbox, CartoonHD etc. Gbox, Amazon FireStick etc. We can do it for you! Flat Rate of $50

  • Mobile Device Restore
    Mobile Device Restore

    The Operating System on your mobile device (iOS, Android) is not working. Won't Boot or Glitches. We can help you with that! Rates start at $75

We don’t repair physical problems with laptops or mobile devices…

You are busy. You didn’t plan to have computer/mobile problems and now you have a new expense. We get that. That’s why we’ve priced our computer services very competitively. Our pricing takes into account several factors: our expert labor, same-day service time, original parts, and vast experience.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Our process:

1 We diagnose 2 We estimate 3 You approve 4 We do the work

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