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A quality photo scanning service New York trusts.

35mm Slide

Slide Scanning

    We Scan:
  • - All Photo Prints
  • - 35mm Slides
  • - 35mm Negatives
  • - Super Slides
  • - APS Film
  • - Medium Format
  • - Large Format
Photo Prints

Photo Scanning

    Scan Includes:
  • Raw Service:
  • - Digital ICE
  • - Optimal Scanning
  • - Quality Checking
  • Direct Service adds:
  • - Rotation
  • - Hand Cropping
  • Complete Service adds:
  • - Color Correction
35mm Negative Roll

Negative Scanning

    Formats Available:
  • - JPG
  • - TIFF
Photo Boxes

All to Digital Files

BBB Accredited!

What we scan

All shapes and sizes of photo prints, all types of slides, and all types of negatives or transparencies. If it is flat it can be scanned. If it is brittle it will be handled with care. Certain media require special treatment for proper scanning, so check our pricing list for these items. And if you are scanning something unusual, give us a call to discuss.

What we use

Our Photo Scanning Equipment Our scans are made with the best equipment in the industry. For prints it is the Epson V700 scanner (left). For slides and negatives, it is the Nikon 5000 and Nikon 9000 scanners.

How we scan

All media is kept in our single studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn throughout the order process. We begin by air-brushing away any loose dust and particles. We then use high-end commercial equipment, in the hands of experienced technicians, to scan a digital image file into our system. Throughout the scanning process, your media is kept orderly, in any groups that you have designated. It never shares the same workspace as other orders. Our system has been optimized to keep your media safe, and for efficient, quality digital scanning.

Note: Our photo scanning service does not include removing and replacing photos in albums, which is listed as an extra service along with others in the pricing tables below. We also charge extra to scan only select frames from a negative strip, rather than all frames.

The following table outlines our standard and full scanning resolutions in dpi ('dots per inch', which are also known as 'pixels per inch', or ppi); the standard resolution is typically more than enough for uses like online photo albums, DVD slideshows, and same-size prints. The full resolution captures the absolute maximum amount of detail from the original image, and is best for uses like printing enlarged images or digital restoration (which we offer):

Standard Resolution
Full Resolution
300 dpi
600 dpi
35mm Slides
2500 dpi
4000 dpi
35mm Negatives*
2500 dpi
4000 dpi
*See pricing below for Medium and Large format transparencies/negatives.

For color slide and negative scanning only, we use a highly effective technology called Digital ICE, which completely removes all minor defects from an image in the scanning process. The difference made by scanning with Digital ICE is illustrated in the images below: Digital ICE BeforeDigital ICE After

What you get

Finally, we crop, rotate, and color-correct the images to give you scans that are often an improvement over the pictures you started with. And if requested, we'll include the original scans of your images on your disc or hard drive, so that you can see the difference between the original scan, and our corrected version of the original. This service is free of charge.

If your media is grouped into separate labeled boxes, bags, or rubberbands we'll keep them that way on the disc or hard drive. Each group of scans has labeled file folders with each file named accordingly. This table outlines our file-naming method based on a few examples:

Folder Name
Picture File Name
Box 1
Box 1
Christmas 1945
Christmas 1945


No two digital scanning projects are exactly the same, and we work around customer needs when they go beyond the basics. We charge for any custom photo scanning service that takes a significant amount of extra time, and in the pricing list below you will find some common extra services we offer, such as removing and replacing prints from an album. If what you want is not listed, contact us and we'll quote you a price for your custom work. Or you can discuss in person at our New York studio.


Listed in the table below are the prices for photo, slide and negative scanning services, followed by extra items and services. Keep in mind that scanning prices do not include cost of output to disc, which are priced in the table below the photo scanning service prices. If you are outputting to CD or DVD, you will need to estimate the number of discs required to hold all of the images in your order, which you can do using the calculation table and instructions in the order form, which is necessary for orders being shipped to us.
Pickup and Delivery in NYC!

For details about different levels of service click here.

Standard Resolution
Full Resolution
Service Level:
Prints up to 5" x 7"
Prints up to 8" x 10"
Slides (Standard 35mm)
Negatives (per Frame)
Medium Format*
Large Format*
Prints over 8" x 10"
$15 per Print (Scanned in Sections, Stitched)
*Medium DPI is 1500/3000 for Standard/Full, Large DPI is 600/1200 for Standard/Full
Slip-In Album Removal/Replacement
$0.10 per Photo
Sticky-Back Album Removal/Replacement
$0.25 per Photo
Select Frames from Sheet of Negatives
$0.25 per Frame

Transfer Prices Do Not Include Output, Which is Below

CD or DVD Data - Lasts 25+ Years
Gold CD or DVD Data - Lasts 100+ Years
Data Files to Hard Drive (One-Time Fee)