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A clean video transfer New York appreciates.

VHS Tapes

Video to DVD

    We Transfer:
  • - VHS, VHS-C, SVHS
  • - Video 8, Hi8
  • - Digital 8, MiniDV
  • - Betamax, MicroMV
  • - U-Matic, Betacam
  • - DVCam, DVC Pro
VHS Tape

Video to Blu-Ray

    Scan Includes:
  • Raw Service:
  • - Crop Fuzzy Borders
  • - Noise Reduction
  • - Stabilization
  • Direct Service adds:
  • - No Split Files
  • - Blank Trimmed <5 Min
  • - Quick Label
  • Complete Service adds:
  • - Exact Trim to Frame
  • - Full Label

Output to Digital Files

    Output Options:
  • - DVD Video (MPEG-2)
  • - Blu-Ray (MPEG-2)
  • - MOV or AVI (SD)
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What we transfer

We transfer most types of consumer video; this includes VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV and even Beta or BetaMax. Besides video to DVD orders, we also offer video to digital files of all file types. This includes output to editable files, web files, etc.

What we use

Video Transfer Equipment Our video transfers are made using highly-maintained 6-Head VCRs or the last generation of Hi8/Digital8/MiniDV players. They are passed through the popular Canopus ADVC 300 analog-to-digital converter which performs the bulk of stabilization before it is captured in the highest quality possible by a Digital Rapids DRC-500M broadcast-level capture card.

How we transfer

We use professional-grade players to output the original, analog video signal. This signal is then passed through the converter and capture card to digitize the signal (turn it into a bunch of 1s and 0s) and also give it a bit of a tune-up in the process. It's like an invisible cleaning crew working on the image as it passes through our system. We normally apply a slight crop of the edges of the original video which will cut out the fuzzy border that is typically not shown on older TVs, but could be visible on new ones. For video to DVD orders, you can request to not have this crop applied if you plan to only watch on analog TV.

These images illustrate the noise reduction and video stabilization included in the transfer: Stabilization Before and AfterNoise Reduction Before and After

What you get

For video to DVD orders we typically transfer directly to high-quality MPEG-2 files, which are standard for DVD Video. We can also create Blu-Ray discs with your standard definition footage, and fit up to 10 hours on one disc. Before burning the final disc, we eliminate any blank spots longer than 5 seconds from the video, leaving you with only what you want to see. For customers looking for output options other than video to DVD please read below.


There are many ways to deliver digital video besides DVD or Blu-Ray. If you want your files ready for editing, ready for your iPod, or for delivery on the web, then let us know. We can work around your needs. The files we produce for editing are compatible with all editing software on the market, and we'll even suggest the various software you might need to better complete your project. We also offer custom video editing, and DVD menus with thumbnails as an extra service for video to DVD orders.


Each tape is billed according to length, whether it is transferred to editable files such as MOV and AVI, or to DVD files such as MPEG-2. Like photo scanning, the transfer does not include output to DVD. You have the option to consolidate the video to fit on as few DVDs as possible, to save space and money. If you're on a budget we will usually suggest you transfer to digital files on a hard drive rather than video to DVD. If you are consolidating to DVD, you will need to estimate the number of discs required to hold all of the videos in your order, which you can do using the calculation table and instructions in the order form.
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For details about different levels of service click here.

Service Level:
Consumer Video Tape up to 30 Minutes
Consumer Video Tape up to 60 Minutes
Consumer Video Tape up to 120 Minutes
Additional Hours over 2 Hours (Rounded Up)
Professional Video Tape up to 30 Minutes
Professional Video Tape up to 60 Minutes
Professional Video Tape up to 120 Minutes
Consumer: VHS/VHS-C/Hi8/MiniDV, Professional: U-Matic/Betacam/DVCam

Transfer Prices Do Not Include Output, Which is Below

DVD Video (2 Hours) or Data - Lasts 25+ Years
Gold DVD Video (2 Hours) or Data - Lasts 100+ Years
Blu-Ray Video (10 Hours) or Data Disc
Data Files to Hard Drive (One-Time Fee)