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Film Services

Receive a disc or drive of your old films, digitally archived and ready for the devices we use every day.

What We Transfer

Standard Sizes
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Standard Sizes

16mm — The oldest format of film we transfer, dating back to the 1920s
8mm — The original consumer film format introduced in the 30s (widely adopted in the 40s).
Super 8 — A variant of 8mm with smaller sprockets to allow a larger film frame (60s and later).


Micro film / fiche

At one point in time, microfilm and microfiche were state of the art media. That is no longer the case. Let us convert your microform into digital files. We recognize that the prospect of converting your microfiche/film collections may seem like herculean tasks. Let us guide you through the process. Our superior technology, focus on customer service and effort to understand your project goals provide for an efficient and easy process.

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Smaller Reels & Splicing

Smaller Reels & Splicing

Most films started as 3-inch reels (50 feet), which were sometimes spliced together onto larger 5, 6 and 7-inch reels (200, 300, and 400 feet, respectively). An order with more than a few small reels will be spliced together during the cleaning and repair process. You will receive the original, now empty, 3-inch reels back along with a larger reel containing the film.